Can You Get Life Insurance With Type 2 Diabetes?

Can You Get Life Insurance With Type 2 Diabetes

Life insurance is essential for providing financial security to your loved ones after you’re gone. But how does it affect those with type 2 diabetes? Can you still get life insurance?

How Are Life Insurance Costs Affected by a Diabetic Condition?

Life Insurance Costs for Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes typically begins during childhood or adolescence. Individuals diagnosed with type 1 diabetes require insulin injections to manage their blood sugar levels. When it comes to life insurance, here’s what you need to know:

  • Premiums: Life insurance premiums for type 1 diabetics are generally higher due to the lifelong dependence on insulin and the risk of complications.
  • Underwriting: Insurers assess the severity of your condition, overall health, and other risk factors. Well-controlled type 1 diabetes may still qualify for coverage, albeit at a higher cost.
Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes

Life Insurance Costs for Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is more common and often develops later in life. It’s closely linked to lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, and weight. Here’s how it impacts life insurance:

  • Premiums: While premiums for type 2 diabetics are higher than for healthy individuals, they are usually more affordable than those for type 1 diabetics.
  • Control Matters: Insurers consider how well you manage your diabetes. Regular doctor visits, medication adherence, and a healthy lifestyle can positively influence your rates.

Why Does Timing Matter With Life Insurance for Diabetics?

Timing matters significantly when it comes to life insurance for individuals with diabetes.

Age and Health Changes

  • As one age the likelihood of health concerns increases. It is advisable to secure life insurance early if diagnosed with diabetes at an age as premiums tend to be more affordable, for applicants.
  • Diabetes management can change over time. If your condition worsens, it may impact your insurance or increase premiums.

Premium Rates

  • The cost of life insurance is influenced by factors such, as your age, health, and lifestyle choices. Typically if you are younger and in health you can expect to pay premiums.
  • Locking in a policy at a younger age ensures you pay lower premiums throughout the policy term.


  • As diabetes progresses, it may affect your insurability. Some insurers may decline coverage or charge higher rates for poorly controlled diabetes.
  • Applying early allows you to secure coverage while your health is stable.

Waiting Periods

  • Some policies have waiting periods (known as the contestability period) during which the insurer can investigate claims.
  • Starting your policy sooner reduces the likelihood of complications during this period.

Financial Protection

  • Having life insurance is important, for ensuring security for your family. It’s best to get coverage to provide better protection, for your loved ones.
  • Unexpected health events can occur, so it’s essential to be prepared.

Term Length

  • If you choose term life insurance, consider the term length. Longer terms provide coverage for more extended periods.
  • Starting early allows you to select a longer term if needed.

How Does the Type of Diabetes Impact the Cost of Life Insurance?

When it comes to life insurance for individuals with Type 2 diabetes, there are several important considerations:

Risk Assessment

  • Type 1 vs. Type 2 Diabetes: Insurance companies often distinguish between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes when assessing eligibility and determining premium rates.
  • Type 1 Diabetes: This form of diabetes is typically diagnosed at a younger age and is considered an autoimmune condition. Individuals with Type 1 diabetes may face more challenges in obtaining life insurance due to the higher risk of complications.
  • Type 2 Diabetes: More common among adults, Type 2 diabetes is often associated with lifestyle factors (such as diet and exercise). While it still poses risks, insurers may be more accommodating for Type 2 diabetics.
Can You Get Life Insurance With Type 2 Diabetes?

Risk Assessment

Impact on Premiums

  • Higher Premiums: People with diabetes, especially Type 2, often pay higher premiums compared to those without the condition. The increased cost reflects the potential health risks associated with diabetes.
  • Under Control: If your diabetes is well-managed, you’re more likely to qualify for life insurance. Regular check-ups, medication adherence, and a healthy lifestyle contribute to better control.

What’s the Best Way to Buy Life Insurance if I Have Diabetes?

If you are fighting with diabetes you are still eligible to purchase life insurance especially if your health condition is effectively managed. However, it’s essential to recognize that life insurance for diabetics typically comes at a higher cost compared to coverage for individuals without diabetes. Nevertheless, having a life insurance policy ensures that your loved ones have a secure financial future. Some key considerations and recommendations for buying life insurance if you have diabetes:

Choose the Right Type of Policy

Term Life Insurance: Opting for term life insurance over a permanent policy can help reduce costs. Term policies provide coverage for a specific period (e.g., 10, 20, or 30 years) and tend to be more affordable.

Permanent Life Insurance: While more expensive, permanent policies (such as whole life or universal life) offer lifelong coverage and may have cash value accumulation.

Start Early

Purchase life insurance as early as possible. Younger applicants often receive better rates.

Work with an Experienced Agent

Speak to an insurance agent who specializes in assisting individuals, with diabetes. They will be able to assist you in discovering the insurance choices available.

Insurance from Experienced Agent

Insurance from an Experienced Agent

Control Your Diabetes

Maintain good control of your diabetes by following your doctor’s instructions. Insurers prefer applicants who manage their condition effectively. If your diabetes is well-controlled, you’ll have more choices and better rates.

Shop Around

Shop around. Get quotes, from insurance providers to discover the most competitive rates. Consider companies that specifically cater to diabetics.

Consider the Coverage Amount

Determine the coverage amount based on your financial obligations (e.g., mortgage, children’s education). Financial planners often recommend coverage of 10-15 times your current income.

Best Life Insurance Companies for Diabetics (2024)

Best Life Insurance Companies for Diabetics

Best Life Insurance Companies for Diabetics

Policy: OPTerm
Minimum Face Amount: $100,000
AM Best Rating: A+ (Superior)
Banner Life offers competitive rates for diabetics.

Pacific Life

Policy: PL Promise Term
Minimum Face Amount: $50,000
AM Best Rating: A+ (Superior)
Pacific Life is a good choice for renewing after the initial term.


Policy: Classic Choice Term

Minimum Face Amount: $100,000

AM Best Rating: A+ (Superior)

Protective is recommended for converting to a permanent policy.


Having type 2 diabetes doesn’t mean you can’t get life insurance. Be proactive, explore your options, and prioritize your health. Remember, life insurance provides peace of mind for you and your loved ones, regardless of your health condition.


Can I Get Life Insurance if I Have Diabetes?

Yes, you can! Many insurers offer coverage to diabetics. It’s essential to explore your options and find a policy that suits your needs.

Will My Premiums Be Very High?

While premiums are higher for diabetics, they’re manageable. Focus on maintaining good health and managing your condition.

Should I Choose Term or Whole Life Insurance?

Both options are available. Term life insurance provides coverage for a specific period (e.g., 20 years), while whole life insurance lasts your entire life. Consider your goals and budget.

Can I Improve My Rates Over Time?

Absolutely! Regular check-ups, healthy lifestyle choices, and consistent management can positively impact your rates.

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